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• Deposit terms: no expiration
• Status: SCAM
• Incom per month: 45% - 63%
• Bonus: 2%
• Start: 2016-08-08 (1662 days.)
• Min depo: 10
Millari Finance

Millari Finance - review of the project with same marketing as the Venture Alliance

Millari Finance - review of the project with same marketing as the Venture Alliance

The project Millari Finance has had the exact same marketing as the Venture Alliance. There were very many admins, who tried to copy the Venture, which had been working for 8 months and where investors had increased their investments several times. Almost all such companies tried to make money out of the predecessor’s success, but they were perspectiveless.

At the other hand, the Millari Finance did not just copy the Venture marketing, but it proclaimed pretty clear that it was developing by the same people. I could hardly say whether it was true or not, but this fact was confirmed not only by investors but also by several top blogs, that did not speak at random.

The legend and marketing of the Millari Finance

According to the legend, the Millari Finance company focuses on investments in alternative power engineering, which is one of the most profitable fields of business nowadays.

Millari Finance - investments in alternative power engineering

At the point of marketing view, the company offers the plan of lifetime payments of interests, which will be changing from time to time. For instance, today the interest rate is 1,43% and tomorrow it will be quite different. In any case, if you invest the money at the certain percent, this percent will be charged every day.

Altogether, four investment offers are planned and they will be opening gradually. How they will look like is still a question. But if they are opening gradually, they will be attracting new investors. This fact plays into our hands.

Millari Finance investment offers

The official registration in the United Kingdom, which is checked on the number is also a good action to raise the authority of the company.

My review of the Millari Finance

Generally, preparation of the project is pretty good and we can notice that it is not done in a slapdash way. There is everything that the company can need for a successful development: the unique design, self-written script, and automatic withdrawing funds.

Basically, the development itself is also enough moderate. Now the project is added to various blogs and monitoring and it offers only two payment tools for investment: advcash and bitcoin. In the future, the company will add some other payment systems, open more investment offers and languages. So all these things will help to attract a permanent flow of new money. Update oct 2016: now there are seven payment systems.

One more important point is the interest to the Millari Finance among salespeople, which are called ‘teddy bears’ in our society. They advertise the project not paying attention to risks and many naive investors trust them, so it also should stimulate new investments.

As a result, I can’t ensure, this project will repeat the success of the Venture. However, there are all the perspectives to earn some money, particularly if you begin almost from the start of the project.