Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

My Investment Portfolio

On this page you can find the current my high yield investment portfolio.

My aim is to combine the different invest projects to diversify risks and find the most effective ways to make money on investments.

Hyips in my portfolio

Invest Companies Income per month Brief review

In this section I will post the companies that can be included in the portfolio, but which for one reason or another I have not invested to them.

A warning about the risks.

You have to comprising the portfolio the way when the loss of any asset did not have a significant impact on savings. In addition, most part of your money should be kept in a bank or other safe assets.

High-yield online portfolio should not exceed 50% of the total savings.

Diversify your risk, do not put all of your money in a certain company. Even the seemingly most reliable brokers sometimes incur losses and cease to pay.

Successful investments and do not forget about diversifying!!!