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PrivateFX rank
• Status: PAYING
• Profit: 5% - 15%
• Days from the start: 1929
• Min. deposit: 10$
• Terms: no time
The best and most profitable PAMM accounts company.

Investment in PAMM accounts of PrivateFX – a review of a new life for the old company.

Investment in PAMM accounts of PrivateFX – a review of a new life for the old company.

PrivateFX Company is a financial broker providing the full range of services for trading in the Forex market and is also one of the most high-quality platforms for investing in PAMM accounts. 

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The broker is entitled to operate in trade in the exchange and over-the-counter markets, to deal with investments, fund management, securities and investment portfolios. The site has all the required permits and licenses.

PrivateFX is created by the large financial corporation Concorde Capital on the basis of Forex Trend, experiencing problems at that time. Having a great financial potential Concorde decided to expand its range of financial services and to enter the Forex market. Thus, both companies received benefits: Forex Trend got a chance to ensure reputation and Concorde got the opportunity of the quick start-up. The profitability of my portfolio:

The profitability of my PrivateFX PAMM accaunts portfolio

Now it is one of the highest quality and most profitable PAMM platforms on the market. You can look at the schedule of revenues of managers and it becomes clear why so many people are investing their money and get the possibility to earn. 

Why investors should choose PrivateFX

In fact, PrivatFX providing investment services in the PAMM account is an intermediary between investors and managers, granting them a convenient operating principle.

An important difference of the PAMM account from other high-yield investments is significantly smaller non-trading risks.

One of the advantages of the PrivateFX Company, is that it, in fact, accumulated the gathered experience of Forex Trend and supplemented it by its own credibility and work transparency.

Thus, the company immediately inherited a well-developed and convenient for the end customer system of PAMM accounts as well as a number of professional traders, which will manage your money.

We point out the main benefits of investing in a PAMM account of PrivateFX:

  • The large selection of professional managers and profitable PAMM accounts
  • PAMM indexes for risk diversification
  • You can start investing having only $10
  • Open trade history of the manager
  • Promotions and contests for both investors and managers
  • Granting of investment insurance

The best PAMM accounts and my own portfolio

In order to select a PAMM account I made my own rating of PAMM accounts of PrivateFX. The accounts are sorted according to their attractiveness for investors and there are two main criteria: profitableness and risks.  All this you can see on a graph.

rating PrivateFX PAMM accounts

After its studying you will be able to create a portfolio for any taste: conservative, balanced or aggressive. The company has a large number of profitable PAMM accounts. In my portfolio contains the best of them. Look at the example one of the most profitable trader.

best PAMM account

I form my portfolio step by step according to the analysis of managers and input of money. Currently the portfolio is as follows:

My own PrivateFX pamm accounts portfolio

In few words, first of all I have paid attention on the former leaders of FT, in which I had invested earlier. Moreover, there are new promising ones, demonstrating a moderately conservative trade. Accounts that I have chosen for my portfolio you can see on this page.

A few words about investing in PAMM accounts

From the perspective of a trader the PAMM account is no different than an ordinary trading account. In this account an average trader operates (but he is called as the manager of PAMM account) with the same trading terms and receiving the same income.

But the PAMM system allows investors to put money in it and thereby to take part in the distribution of profits. Moreover, the amount of profit you get is proportional to your equity participation in the PAMM account.

Thus, unlike an ordinary trading account the PAMM account consists of two parts:

  • Manager 's own funds
  • Funds of investors 

The PAMM investment is mutually advantageous for both traders and investors. The manager gets an opportunity to obtain additional income by attracting investments. The investor has the opportunity to receive higher income in the Forex market without any special knowledge.

Moreover, low entry barriers and the possibility to choose a managing trader make the investment process quite exiting.