Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

• Deposit terms: 10 days - no expiration
• Status: SCAM
• Incom per month: 25% - 60%
• Bonus: 4%
• Start: 2016-07-15 (1686 days.)
• Min depo: 10
QuickPay Today

Quickpay Today my review the project that provides income accruals of 3% indefinitely

Quickpay Today my review the project that provides income accruals of 3% indefinitely

Despite the fact that the last days have stood out quite complex and point out a few illogical bench, but does not make someone who does not do anything, so we continue to test new investment projects. At this time I decided to participate in the increasingly popular project Quickpay Today.

Start of the project was celebrated on June 15 2016. so we can assume it quite young. Quickpay Today Marketing offers a choice of just two plans - 10% daily for 12 days (it turns out 20% of net income), or 3% indefinitely.

Quickpay Today marketing

Regarding the marketing plan, as has been said before, it is a classic with two different investment plans. It seems that the administration of the project has seriously decided to involve in the project the maximum investors with different strategies of their own work: and those who are looking for a company where dividends are paid for life, and those who prefer small investments in the short term.

About Quickpay Today

The project proposes only two investment package, but they are both quite efficient and profitable, and the dividends received were paid to investors in the wallets without problems.

The terms of the plan allow the first to invest between $ 10 to $ 30 for 12 days with the profitability of 10% at the end of the period. It turns out that every day an investor will receive 1.67% of the net profit, reaching the break-even will be in 10 days.

Marketing Quickpay Today

The second tariff plan designed for the sum of 31 dollars and provides lifelong payments of 3% per day. Thus, after 33 days the investor goes to breakeven and further receives a net profit until the company closes.

My short review

Quickpay Today is quite a reasonable rate of return for this type of projects. Preparation of the draft is not bad, but you can not say that is executed on a high level and there are a few obvious jambs. Although this project like many investors and added it to the portfolio.

Development is not aggressive, that I have recently come to the fore. Poladnee time several times burned on a well prepared projects that break box office and closed, I hope this situation is not repeated.

My deposit in Quickpay Today

Nevertheless, the project at the hearing among the investors and many of them have already managed to add it to your own portfolio. The development of the project itself as a moderate, has no signs of aggressive promotion when administrators a quick rip off a large amount of deposit and closing a project. I'd like to believe that in Quickpay Today something similar does not happen again.