Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

Uni-Trade - investment in professional asset Management Company

Uni-Trade - investment in professional asset Management Company

Uni-Trade Company is officially registered in the UK, which is confirmed by relevant documents. Its main specialization - which includes asset management, followed by trafficking of the financial markets and thus making a profit.

Uni-Trades team trades in the following areas like forex, shares, binary options and indices. Projected profit of each of the managers on the results of trade is between 8% to 18% monthly.

Management of the company has published reports with qualitative analytical performance of their own trading activity. So you can to analyze the profitability of each of the company's traders.

Uni-Trade marketing plan for investors

According to the marketing plan that it is built on the classic principle. You invest money for a specific period, and periodically receive profit: daily, weekly or monthly depends of plan you invest.

Here there are four plans you can choose: Start, Index, Gold and Top1. Each plan is different by profit, term and frequency of payments. Look at the table below to understand what I mean.

Uni-Trade marketing plan

My short review of Uni-Trades project

In recent years, low-income projects have lost their appeal in the network, and they are very easy to displace from the market of medium- and high-yield investment projects.

Here you cannot expect highest income. However, this does not mean that with Uni-Trade project will not be able to earn. Company provides the short-term investment plans that will quickly return the invested funds back. Moreover, you should understand that company really trades and presumably make money.

Uni-Trades my deposit

I invest money on “Index” plan and receive profit at the end of each weeks.