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L7 Trade
New hyip project L7 Trade
• Status: Paying
• Incom per day: 3%-5%
• Start: 2019-06-18 (92 days.)
• On blog: 2019-08-18 (31 days.)
• Min depo: 0.02BTC
• Bonus:
L7 Trade was started 2019-06-18 (92 days) and offer income 3%-5% per day. The minimum deposit is 0.02BTC
eMine To
• Status: Paying
• Incom per day: 3.6%
• Start: 2019-07-02 (78 days.)
• On blog: 2019-07-13 (67 days.)
• Min depo: 0.001B
• Bonus: 2.5%
eMine To was started 2019-07-02 (78 days) and offer income 3.6% per day. The minimum deposit is 0.001B
BB Sheldon Com
• Status: Paying
• Incom per day: 0,9% - 1.3%
• Start: 2019-04-16 (155 days.)
• On blog: 2019-06-07 (103 days.)
• Min depo: 50$
• Bonus: 2,5%
BB Sheldon Com was started 2019-04-16 (155 days) and offer income 0,9% - 1.3% per day. The minimum deposit is 50$
Yesss CC
• Status: Paying
• Incom per day: 0,8% - 3.0%
• Start: 2015-10-15 (1434 days.)
• On blog: 2019-06-06 (104 days.)
• Min depo: 25$
• Bonus:
Yesss CC was started 2015-10-15 (1434 days) and offer income 0,8% - 3.0% per day. The minimum deposit is 25$
• Status: Paying
• Incom per day: 1.5% - 2%
• Start: 2019-03-13 (189 days.)
• On blog: 2019-04-12 (159 days.)
• Min depo: 10$
• Bonus: 4%
Intel-Bot was started 2019-03-13 (189 days) and offer income 1.5% - 2% per day. The minimum deposit is 10$

On the market of Internet investments new projects emerge almost each day. Their big part not even is considered, as is immediately obvious that they are created for the purpose of collect a few hundreds dollars (or thousands) and to close down.

At the same time, a part of HYIPs much better others and deserves a specific attention. I either cumulate similar projects to my investment portfolio or I place in section “sandbox”. And exactly these projects can proceed into the category of "the best HYIPs" in course of time.

What basic characteristics should be at High-yield investment programs for intrusion into list of the best:

  • popularity among investors. It isn't necessary attract investors to best HYIP, themselves will register and invest.
  • high quality of preparation. It is common knowledge that without credible legend, qualitative site and protection from DDoS any HYIP will not stretch long. Besides it, admins should work above enlightened marketing, unique design and other important details, without which HYIP will not proceed to class of the best.
  • dynamics of development. That, perhaps, one of the most essential characteristics of HYIP. Even the most qualitative projects, with good preparation, without competent development will not be able to support a constant inflow of investments and will not stretch long.

In such a manner, having for shoulders above-mentioned characteristics, the project easily can be entered in a list of the best HYIPs. There are of course many nuances which I did not affect in this brief brochure, but all will come. The main bear in mind that all of this financial pyramids, and even the best of them will cease to pay sooner or later, therefore remember of diversification their investment..