Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

• Deposit terms: no expiration
• Status: SCAM
• Incom per month: от 60%
• Bonus: 1%-5%
• Start: 2016-05-17 (1745 days.)
• Min depo: 20
Top Total LTD

Top Total LTD – the overview and reviews of the project with lifetime payment

Top Total LTD – the overview and reviews of the project with lifetime payment

Projects with lifetime payment have recently become popular. Many of them had been working for a long while, so investors had earned several hundred percents for a quite short time.

After that, many admins started to use the tendency, they made their projects with similar marketing, raised investments and stopped to pay, diminishing the authority of others. Although, as time goes on, such third rate projects become easy to find out, so people can concentrate the attention only on the very perspective ones, that provide an opportunity to make a profit.

Today I want to emphasize a high-grade project with lifetime payment and competent marketing, which has all the opportunities for a long-term activity. That is the Top Total LTD, officially started 17 May 2016 and at the beginning of the autumn came into the second phase of its development.

Marketing and the legend of Top Total LTD

The project Top Total has dynamic percentage profitability of 1,5-5% per day. At the moment of writing the article, you can invest at 2,6% interest, but this number always changes, though, I can say, based on my experience, the profitability number will scarcely have any difference and gain extreme values. Such marketing had already proved its operational capability in the Venture Alliance, which had been working for eight months.

Marketing and the legend of Top Total LTD

According to the legend, the company has big experience of successful activity in the area of the auto-pawnshops net and do the search of best offers for their customers. As the market was growing, the company decided to attract extra investments to monopolize this tendency.

My review of Top Total LTD

Main reasons for adding Top Total LTD to observing high yield investment programs (HYIPs) are smooth dynamics of development and good stable marketing. The project started in May, had been working the whole summer and proved it didn’t intend to be put in scam list so fast. Generally, reviews of the project are positive, although the website is done in a quite simple style.

Starting from the autumn, the project is doing the second phase of its development and appears in top blogs and monitorings. Even so, at this point, there are two equal options of the development. The first is optimistic: the project gets a second wind, new investors and continues to make payments till New Year at least. The second is pessimistic: the project makes money by the advertisement and goes into scam list.

Only time will show how it really will be, but there still are perspectives for earning money, because current profitability provides the breakeven after a month and a half. Besides, such projects raise a pretty big interest among investors.