Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

• Deposit terms: 60 days
• Status: SCAM
• Incom per month: 15%-30%
• Bonus: 1.5%
• Start: 2016-04-29 (1763 days.)
• Min depo: 10
Ethtrade org

Ethtrade org is a qualitative HYIP from foreign admin, my comment

Ethtrade org is a qualitative HYIP from foreign admin, my comment

I found one compelling project which has not yet acquired popularity on domestic market, but, to all appearances, in the near future it will be familiar to many. About Ethtrade I learned from man, which long ago engages in investments in Internet and is a good judge in this business. Earlier he advised me to pay attention to coince and carbon7, but I did not listen somehow.

Besides it, to mail has already come a few spam mailouts with advertising Ethtrade in the mood “the best project of all times and peoples” and so forth. Such letters prove that project is developed by networking professionals, and it means that there should be a stable influx of new money. Therefore I decided study out nevertheless in more detail.

Project is not new (officially it started as early as April), but development enough constrained and gradual, therefore there are all perspectives to live still enough long. Besides it, Russian is added relatively recently, and it is one more turn of development.

Brand story of the Ethtrade org and investment proposals to the customers

According to legend, the company trades cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Ethereum, from growth of the rate of which investor's wages depend. On the site weekly reports on transactions and received income for the previous period are published. As well there are documents verifying official registration in Hong Kong.

Brand story of the Ethtrade org and investment proposals to the customers

For customers is offered floating a rate plan which depends on profits by received company. On the average for month turn out 15% - 20%. Bank deposit is hosted on termless cause and achievable to the conclusion at any one time. However, if it to make in the first 30 days, then it is necessary to pay penalty at a rate of 30%. From 30 to 60 days - 15% penalty, and throughout 60 days money can be removed without penalty.

My comment about Ethtrade project

From technical point of view all performed very in quality. If expound comment about Ethtrade briefly, then project by head and shoulders above usual HYIPs. On the site are present sections not only classical for similar projects, but also such as: training, exchange of cryptocurrencies, YouTube channel and other that seldom. As well for agents opportunity emerged to open office in its region.

Moreover, in this HYIP there are all needed for placements in the section “the best HYIPs”, namely: quality of preparation, competent marketing and development policy, popularity among networking professionals.

About Ethtrade org company and investment yield

The common conclusion is such: project with low interest is capable to work enough long with such preparation, and taking into account that CIS audience began to participate only from September, it is possible to believe that perspectives to go through a new year are quite real. Upon expiration of 60 days deposit can be deduced and not to participate in the second circle, earning at the same time about 35% for two months. Quite not bad variant for portfolio diversification.