Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

LiteMari rank
• Status: NOT PAYING
• Profit: 40%
• Days from the start: 1390
• Min. deposit: 5$
• Terms: 60 days
Good hyip project.

Litemari my review of interest earnings without borders

Litemari my review of interest earnings without borders

More recently began a very powerful promotion of another investment project that actually started a few months ago, namely, May 7, 2016. By Litemari advantages include quiet, but steady development, the gradual addition of payment systems, as well as various user functions needed for convenient operation.

In addition, investors are guaranteed high returns with automatic output arrived at the e-wallets. This marketing plan is extremely simple and intuitive for all that allows investors to immediately calculate the many nuances of their deposits.

Litemari Marketing

Marketing plan Litemari with automatic daily payments to the inclusion in the payment of the deposit was created. The investment package that is only one: unlimited amount of investments for a period of 60 days with a yield of 3% per day.

Litemari Marketing and daily income

After simple calculations, we obtain access to breakeven after 33 days from the date of opening contribution, yield - 40% per month, or 1.33% of net profit per day. The undoubted advantage is the automatic payment to the purse amount of profit with the inclusion of the deposit in the amount of dividends. To this must specify settings purse in any of the available payment systems.

It would seem that the marketing plan is quite attractive and allows everybody to place the company's own funds. On the other hand, there are many doubts about the quality of training Litemari project marketing plan. Investment is only one package, with no restrictions on the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit for a period of 60 days.

Legend of the project Litemari

Litemari is officially registered in the UK and works in the area of transactions with popular electronic money. This kind of activity the company is actively engaged in over the past few years, which has allowed to accumulate a huge base of regular customers, including major partners with a solid reputation.

Legendand personal review of the Litemari project

These years management has made a decision on whether the expansion of working capital due to the accumulation of funds of investors with the subsequent payment of part of the profit earned. The official site of the project and the personal account is a positive impression. It is made with high quality and professional approach, with bright colors and with original design.

Furthermore, there is a unique content information and news content. Many features are added to your personal account gradually, and Skype chat continuously updated news about the new development.

Personal review of the project

In conclusion we can say that the project is interesting, well thought-out, with a comfortable private room and a large number of additional functions to work, as well as profitable and a multi-level affiliate program, and auto-payment of dividends on the electronic wallets of investors. As a whole the first acquaintance and review can be considered positive.

The project has been running for several months, but only in the last days of silence ended, and began actively promoting the company Litemari investors forums. Nevertheless, the project is a mixed impression, so in view of the recent frequent benches will not be more than a little time to watch some of them.