Investments in Internet, earn 10% per month. Where to invest money on the Internet?

• Deposit terms: no expiration
• Status: SCAM
• Incom per month: 80%
• Bonus: 6%
• Start: 2016-07-01 (1700 days.)
• Min depo: 10
Bussines Angels

Business Angels – hyip project with lifetime payments

Business Angels – hyip project with lifetime payments

Business Angels inc was launched in May 2016 with good promotional activities. The main feature of this project is lifelong payments. Therefore, project is offering only one investment plan – 4% daily for lifetime.

I decide to invest money and add this project to my portfolio in hope of long-term life. Business Angels was prepared very well and immediately clear, that admin spend a lot of money of his site. Therefore, it stands out among other similar projects.

Business Angels marketing plan

As I mentioned above the company propose only one invest plan which comprises 4% daily for lifetime. But there is one feature. First time after invest you get 1% after 24 hours. After that interest rate will grow daily, at an increment of 0.5%, up to a maximum of 4% per day.

Business Angels marketing plan

Your deposit cannot be withdrawn and it will work for an unlimited term. However, of course you should understand that Business Angels is a hyip project and any of them have the end. Therefore, you should read phrase “for lifetime” as “to scam”.

We can calculate reaching the breakeven takes 28 days per start. After that, you will get net income to scam. Good idea to attract many investors.

My short review

In my opinion, Business Angels has come here to run for a long time. Therefore, I decide to invest some money to this project in hope that can survive for several months.

Business Angels - my depo

In addition, I think you know about similar project Venture Alliance. This to project have much in common. Venture Alliance could work out 8 months. I hope that Business Angels has the same prospects.