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The report for October 31, 2016: A new PAMM-broker in the portfolio

The report for October 31, 2016: A new PAMM-broker in the portfolio

As I have said, the HYIP seasonality plays a very important role. Now new investments are to be done carefully because only two months left before the New Year. Ideally you should look for projects in which a period of the transferring of positions to no-loss is about a month in order to have time to make profit before the end of the year. Or you can invest in stable projects that deserve the confidence of investors.

Last week I continued a forgotten subject of the PAMM accounts and decided to diversify my portfolio with other brokers. So last week I added Weltrade PAMM account and soon other popular PAMM brokers will be added. Let’s see what happens.

Investment in the PAMM account

Last week the profit of $35 или 1.2% was received from the broker PrivateFX, concurrently two managers (PARAMON и Plotnichiy) rescheduled the floating drawdown for the next week. I decided to reduce investment in them and put half of the withdrawal money in rollover. Thus, even if they will show loss, it will minimally influence the portfolio.

Privatefx PAMM account portfolio for october 31

The news announced that they nearly obtain a license for brokerage activities on the territory of the European Union. The front office of the company was opened in the Slovak Republic. Also, the exhibition Moscow Financial EXPO 2016 will be held on November 2 and 3, in which the group of PrivateFX companies will participate.

It is too soon to judge about the profitability of Weltrade PAMM portfolio, as it was created at the end of the week. There is a very limited list of managers in the company, but it was enough to make a sustainable portfolio. Weltrade PAMM system has a number of features about which I tell you more in the review and now about the portfolio itself.

My new Weltrade PAMM portfolio

High-yield projects in the portfolio

Ridex continues to add promised innovations. First, the tariff plan “RIDEX TODAY” has been updated; the yield on the tariff plan now amounts to 3.9% on weekdays and to 1% on the weekends for a period of 60 days.

Moreover, a new limited tariff plan “RIDEX SET” was opened with the floating rate of return and term. At the moment the yield is 115% for 12 days. The tariff reminds plans of amazing5 just as Ridex itself.

RIDEX SET - new limited tarif

Apart from tariffs, the official telegram chat and payment system adv cash were launched last week. Talking about my investment, 35% of the road has been covered and I have got back 60% of invested money.

my profit of ridex project

Malta Private Investment has another week. As usual there's not a huge amount of news, but payments are on the instant and delay-free.

In IRS I received the ordered payment on Friday. The rate of domestic currency continues to rise; it has increased by 30%. You may obtain $719 for a bitcoin.

News of other high-yield projects

Last week Millari Finance created a new dynamic tariff plan “LIQUIDITY” and the site was translated into German. Currently, the project has already been translated into eight languages and provides three tariff plans at choice.

New tariff plan LIQUIDITY by millary finance

At the same time the latest plan is quite dynamic and its conditions are constantly changing. Shares appear spontaneously during the day and are limited. One investor can buy only one package.

Edelweiss5 announced a workshop in Dnepropetrovsk, which will be held on November 5. This time they promise competition for the iPhone7 again. 

Ethtrade announced a promotion for traders “TOPTRADERS” with a prize fund $6,000. Also there is a group on the site The project is international, that is proved by the analysis of the geography of website traffic and this means it can function long enough.

There is no specific news of other projects. Tradeex continues to be a partisan without distributing listings. PaytUp is attracting more and more attention and is developing quite well.

I wish you successful investment!

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Diversification of risks in high-yield investments

Diversification of risks in high-yield investments

On websites of all the companies, that provide investments and other kinds of putting up money there is such information as ‘Investment of money is a risk, invest only the amount of money, that you are not afraid to lose’. 

The report for October 24, 2016: It is not so bad in the world of investments.

The report for October 24, 2016: It is not so bad in the world of investments.

Last week there were a lot of interesting events, either positive or negative. In general one can say that the market for high-yield investments is quite developing. If you choose the right projects, taking into account the seasonality of HYIPs, you can make good money.

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