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The report for October 24, 2016: It is not so bad in the world of investments.

The report for October 24, 2016: It is not so bad in the world of investments.

Last week there were a lot of interesting events, either positive or negative. In general one can say that the market for high-yield investments is quite developing. If you choose the right projects, taking into account the seasonality of HYIPs, you can make good money.

I note from the blog news that daily updating of the PAMM accounts rating of PrivateFX is finally created. The update will take place from 12 to 13 pm by Kiev time (9 to 10 pm UTC) after the update of the drawdown for the last day.  I am not going to update more often, because it is not monitoring and such frequency is enough for the high-quality portfolio.

PrivateFX portfolio – expected draw back

This week the waste should be noted on the PAMM site of PrivateFX. It is fallout from the big market moves two weeks ago. Fortunately, diversification is good enough and the loss of two accounts did not have a significant impact on the investment portfolio.

PrivateFX portfolio – expected draw back

I decided to close the accounts Klyaksa and Hozyin. I’m not saying they are bad managers, but recently they have traded quite aggressively and allowed large drawdowns. The withdrawal sum I added to the first three new accounts. I do not add bokser_boss, the leader of the rating intentionally in order to see actions during the first big drawdown.

Among other news I note the changes in loss limitation rules. Now, if this trigger activates, the trade will not be limited until the end of the trading period, but only until the end of this week. Also at the end of the trading period you will be able to deactivate this function.

Moreover, they changed the rules of the placing pending orders to the index accounts.  Now SL and TP can be set no closer than 1000 points to the current price. This innovation will help to prevent the mass withdrawal of money from the indexes in case of drawdown. Recently, this rate was increased to 500 points, but that was not enough.

In order to promote trading tools and to attract professional managers of the company they announced of launching of two new tenders for traders «Week» and «Real», which will be available from 07.11 and 14.11 correspondingly.

Other HYIPs in the portfolio

Recently added to the portfolio Ridex io shows very good evolution dynamics and makes us think to increase investment. Last week the Telegram chat was launched for participants to communicate with the project administration. Earlier this week Payeer billing system has been connected as well as Advanced Cash towards the end of the week.

Ridex io my weekly profit

Talking about test deposit almost 30% of the road has been covered and I have got back 50% of invested money. The project is good; investors continue to be attracted and it has a positive impact on the development. My deposit was made at 3.5% per day; now interest is a little better – 3.8% and this also attracts new investors.

Malta Private Investment has worked without any news one more week. Listing payments are delay-free.

The International Reserve System continues to add new languages, but there is no Russian yet. Rate of exchange has already increased by 26%. Last week money was not withdrawn.

The news of other high-yield projects

In the project with the legend of Paytup payment system there is the automatic refbek payment. In addition, ruble payment systems – QIWI and Yandex Money – were connected last week.

The project shows an excellent development and is gradually added to the new blogs. The yield of 3% per day and earning perspectives are quite real. The apps for Android and Apple were announced.

Tradeex is still a partisan, working and paying without any news. It is also holding out to hand out listings. Monitor developing.

Last week Millari Finance was translated into Indonesian and added QIWI payment system. Pay attention that payments with such a system will not be on the instant.

Edelweiss5 opened an office in Hungary at Szarvas Street, 1-3, Nyiregyhaza, office 107.  Since the start nine offices were opened. I don’t see much excitement around it, but occasionally they spam news.  It seems like the project will function for a long time, but taking into account the low rate of profit I’m not going to participate.


Top-Total is now a scam-hyip. Many people write that the project worked for 5 months and it is a good result. In fact, first there were only a few investors and the project began actually to appear on blogs less than a month ago. An admin began to distribute listings, and it led to the high amount of investments at the start (this in turn means that the hyip won't live for a long time).

Anyway you need to draw conclusions, and be more careful with projects that are no longer new and begin to actively hand out listings and hype themselves. It is probably the last attempt to get profit before closing.

It's been quite a week! I wish you successful investment!

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